Friday, June 22, 2012

Day 20: WATERSPELL Book Tour. Two Reviews!

     The WATERSPELL blog tour wraps up today with two reviews.

     First up is Margot, a 14-year-old from the Netherlands who loves to read. "With blogging I am trying to spread love for the written word throughout the world, person by person," she says.

     For Margot's take on WATERSPELL Book 1: The Warlock, please click over to How I See It.


     Close out the tour on a high note at The Book Lover's Report, hosted by Cierra, a 16-year-old from the South who loves to write and read books: "almost any YA book that'll float my boat," she says. Cierra's five-star review went up early at Goodreads, giving me a sneak peek that I'm excited to excerpt here:

     "[A]s soon as I started to read it, I was hooked. I didn't want to get off the computer (ebook version) until I'd finish the chapter, then I'd keep making excuses to finish the next chapter and the rest. I liked the pace of the story line. It wasn't too slow or too fast; it was just right.

     "I give this book five stars!"

     Thank you, Cierra at The Book Lover's Report, for bringing the WATERSPELL blog tour to a great finish with a great review!

Here are links to each stop on the now-concluded WATERSPELL Book Tour. By the time you read this, the giveaways may have ended, but the reviews and interviews will remain online for as long as these bloggers choose to keep them up. 

Lots of great reviews here. 

The interviews are interesting too. (If I say so myself.)

2012 Tour Runs May 28 - June 22

First Week:
May 28 - A Dream Within a Dream - Giveaway/Excerpt
May 29 - Where Fantasy and Love Take Flight - Interview/Giveaway/Excerpt
May 30 - Taking It One Page at a Time - Giveaway/Excerpt
May 31 - Book Haven Extraordinaire - REVIEW/Interview/Giveaway/Excerpt
June 1 - Rea's Reading and Reviews - REVIEW
June 4 - Becky's Barmy Book Blog - REVIEW/Interview/Giveaway/Excerpt
June 5 - The Life and Lies of an Inanimate Object - Interview/Giveaway/Excerpt
June 6 - Hazel the Witch - REVIEW/Giveaway/Excerpt
June 7 - Ebook Apothecary - REVIEW/Giveaway/Excerpt
June 7 - What's Hot - REVIEW/Interview/Giveaway
June 8 - Bookworm Lisa - REVIEW/Giveaway/Excerpt

Third Week:
June 11 - Inside BJ's Head - Giveaway/Excerpt
June 12 - Warrior Princess Romance Writer - Interview/Excerpt
June 12 - Fire Star Books - REVIEW/Giveaway
June 13 - Twigs for Pigs - REVIEW/Giveaway/Excerpt
June 14 - Reader Girls - Giveaway/Excerpt
June 16 - Memories Overtaking Me - REVIEW/Interview/Giveaway

Fourth Week:
June 18 - Sweeping the USA - Giveaway/Excerpt
June 19 - Book Briefs - REVIEW/Giveaway
June 20 - Willing to See Less - Giveaway/Excerpt
June 21 - Melissa's Eclectic Bookshelf - Giveaway/Excerpt
June 22 - How I See It - REVIEW/Giveaway
June 22 - The Book Lover's Report - REVIEW/Giveaway

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Now Through August 15

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