Monday, March 12, 2012

The Publishing Business Is Changing ... and Some People Are Scared

      Fascinating reading at Joe Konrath’s blog, “A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing.” Below are a few quotes from the article, “Barry, Joe, & Scott Turow.” Anybody who enjoys e-books, either as a reader or a writer, should take time to read Joe’s entire post. It’ll open your eyes.

      “I’ve reached many more readers through Amazon than I have through every brick-and-mortar bookstore in the entire world combined. Ebooks don’t require a publisher to distribute them. THAT is modern bookselling.
      “ … many authors who couldn’t thrive in the legacy system are now putting food on their tables with the money they make from their books.” —Joe Konrath

      “I have been an author for 37 years. I have had agents and publishers up to here. Most authors are, like myself, fed up with the good old boys. Publishers pay gigantic overhead for prime real estate offices and switchboards and secretaries and senior editors and junior editors and cafeterias and fancy seduction lunches for unsuspecting newbie authors and deign [to] give 10 lousy % to an author? Agents? They don’t work for authors either. They flog your book, take their % and when you get into a dispute with a publisher, agents crawl under the couch.” —Suzanne White

Check it out: A Newbie's Guide to Publishing

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