Saturday, August 24, 2013

Why Authors Go Indie

Why do authors choose the independent route? 
Find out at the Awesome Indies Party.

Day 4 of the Awesome Indies Grand Opening Party is meet-the-author day. Pop over and discover the difference between indie and self-publishing, watch a crazy video, and read the authors' stories. Click here to learn more.

The 99-cent sale is still on, so if you haven’t been already, head over there now! The sale ends August 25. Don't miss the great bargains on vetted-and-edited books. Awesome Indies take the risk out of buying indie.

Quick Links
AIA PartyDay 1: Welcome
AIA PartyDay 2: Piano-Playing Dog and Flash Fiction
AIA PartyDay 3: Awesome Indies Site Tour and Clever Quiz
AIA PartyDay 4: Meet-the-Authors Day

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